Bring the Bard to the Playhouse

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Since Laguna Beach is a hub of tourist activity in the summer, I feel the Laguna Playhouse is missing out on an opportunity to reap the rewards of a constant revenue stream.  After visiting Ashland, Ore., two years ago to take in the sights and some Shakespeare plays, I couldn’t help but think Laguna could create the same vibe.

Shakespeare festivals across the nation are commonplace during the summer months, and I would love to see some of these wonderful plays brought to the stage in Laguna.  Tourists and locals alike could benefit.  I hope you will consider, Laguna Playhouse.

Thank you!

Dawn Hunnicutt, Mission Viejo

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  1. Laguna is a hub of tourist activity, but…. climate change means we must all stop driving, except to work.

    Governor Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order S-03-5 mandating everyone cut fossil fuel emissions 80%. That means no more tourism! No more Sawdust Festival. No more visits to museums or restaurants. Shutter them all.
    It’s for the planet, right?

    “His vein ironically grave, expos’d the fool, lash’d the knave.” – Jonathan Swift


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