Calling for Bold, Brave Action on Restoring View


This letter is for all leaders but in this case is directed to the City Council.

History and achievement belongs to the bold and brave, not to the meek and timid. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Churchill, the past and current Tea Party patriots and Minutemen are examples of the bold and brave. Only historians remember the meek and timid leaders that neither inspire or accomplish.

Yes, I know that leaders like Hitler, Stalin are also examples of the bold and brave and will not be remembered favorably but they did accomplish things, albeit bad, and will be remembered. The bold and brave are immortalized while the timid and meek are forgotten in the trashcans of history.

With this reality in mind, I ask the current City Council to be brave and bold and save Laguna’s priceless unique views and enact a really strong, fair, economical, city-enforced view and safety preservation and restoration ordinance.

Over 20 years of timid City Councils have dithered and wasted everyone’s time by not enacting excellent proposed view and safety ordinances that have been offered while neighborhood fire hazards have increased, and hostility between neighbors has increased.

By being meek and timid in the face of naysayers and the possibility of lawsuits, the city generated view ordinances have been weak, costly, complex and essentially useless.  Over the years, the tax money generated by increased value of property with restored and preserved views will more than offset any costs the city encounters by having a really simple and effective ordinance.

Dave Connell, Laguna Beach

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