Calling Out Proponents of View Protection



In a previous letter to the editor, I correctly predicted the tactics that would be used by Village Laguna and their followers – intimidating people directly or indirectly, doomsday words like there will be no trees in Laguna (“Council Disregards its Pledge,” Letters, Nov. 29.), accusing City Council members of sleight of hand (most of us are grateful that some long overdue issues are being tackled), or to pity the victim who had to sacrifice some trees that were planted/maintained irresponsibly.

One person wrote a letter saying that even the Irvine Company planted eucalyptus trees, but they cut down acres of beautiful fragrant citrus trees to do so.  In some areas, the Irvine Company is correcting their mistake.

There are folks here who don’t have the money to maintain their vegetation. I suggested previously they should apply for a grant from Village Laguna (instead of spending money to make sure their candidates get into office and thus they can run the city) to pay for such maintenance. Or, those folks who don’t care that they have created a mish mash or jungle of highly explosive plants or use their vegetation for spite like my neighbor does and makes no bones about blocking views.

Funny that the ranting and ravings are mostly from people living in South Laguna, where views seldom exist due to location or trees. They continue to override efforts by far many more citizens in this town who want to improve theirs and others’ property values, safety and enjoyment because of the unique location of our city.

Laguna is a beach town known worldwide for its coastline not its eucalyptus trees. Ours is one of a few towns that offers such dramatic views of ocean, sunsets, expansive vistas created by Mother Nature. Mother Nature did not plant the trees that today obstruct views and make a mess or damage property after wind storms and rains and also break sewer pipes; all this costs tax payer dollars to clean up or fix.

I urge you to attend the next City Council meeting where view restoration/preservation will be the main item on the agenda.  We need your voice to be heard.

Those who don’t want this concept to go through will be there going full throttle. They have already done their best to water down the ordinance created by those who were mandated to write it.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach



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