Cameras Don’t Catch Everything

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“For at least 15 years, Laguna’s 10 patrol vehicles and two motorcycles have also been equipped with video systems. The windshield-mounted video camera is activated when an officer turns on the overhead lights or manually turns the camera on,” Workman said. (“Police Pin a Camera to the Uniform,” Dec. 19 edition.)

Wow! That sure sounds impressive, but ….

I know that the two times that Robert Gifford

assaulted me, the camera was pointed nowhere near

where Gifford was beating me up.

I want the public to know that the DA dismissed Giffords’ lies about me assaulting him at my first court appearance.

Having cameras does not guarantee that they will be used properly or ethically especially if the Keystone Kop has no ethics like so many of the people playing policemen under Chief Workman.


Eli Grossman, Laguna Beach

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