Campaign Supports Distressed Family

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Single mother Sandra Woodard went to her doctor because she was experiencing abdominal discomfort and a loss of appetite in January. Scans revealed that she was suffering from a rare ovarian cancer.

Laguna Beach resident Sandra Woodard, who is battling cancer, and her twin girls, Sage and Sierra.
Laguna Beach resident Sandra Woodard, who is battling cancer, and her twin girls, Sage and Sierra.

Woodard, 54, works as an esthetician at Hudson Salon and Spa in Boat Canyon. “Sandra has a huge following at Hudson; her lash reputation preceded her,” said Katrina Martino, a friend and the salon owner who hired Woodard two years ago.

Martino has started a gofundme campaign to help cover Woodard’s expenses while she is unable to work and help with hospital bills.

During surgery, doctors discovered that a malignant tumor had spread. Though there is no cure for Woodard’s cancer, there is hope that it could go into remission with chemotherapy, Martino posted on the gofundme page.

Now, friends of Woodard and her twin 13 year-old daughters are rallying to help her family through this ordeal. “The Thurston Middle School community and the Mariner’s Church community, where she is a member, have offered tremendous support,” said Martino.

From her own experience with another cancer survivor, Martino knows her friend needs more than money. Woodard, currently weighing only 100 pounds, needs to be stronger to undergo chemotherapy, which is set to begin in a few weeks, Martino said.

An employee of her other salon in Mission Viejo also was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live, said Martino. He switched to a macrobiotic diet of whole grains and vegetables and vitamin C supplements. “Twelve years later he is still alive, cancer free,” said Martino, convinced that the right diet can help cancer patients.

“Our hope is that Sandra can follow the same regime, and with some chemo come out healthy,” said Martino. “The problem will be of course, will be money,” she added.


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