Candidate Rebuts His Antagonist



I want to thank Victor [Opincar] for understanding the vital categories that a good public servant needs to possess (“Weigh Each Candidates Qualifications and Character,” Letters, Oct. 3).  He has stated why I am the best candidate to promote the change Laguna Beach needs to become the city most, and not just some, of our citizens can be proud to call home.

Quoting Victor: “Vote wisely! Weigh each candidate’s qualifications, morals, ethics, and values.”

As I have stated multiple times, I have the ethics, morals, and values that define me as a person of character. I know the incumbents do not, by the falsehoods they have unethically done in public and in secret  meetings towards me. You cannot teach character at the incumbents’ age.

Quoting Robert Jackson, the author of “The Federal Prosecutor” and the cornerstone my legal ethics: “The qualities of a good prosecutor are as elusive and as impossible to define as those which mark a gentleman. And those who need to be told would not understand it anyway.”

Any profession is eligible for this outstanding quote!

Regarding qualification? My four word Occam’s Razor: John McCain Sara Palin.

I am a quick learner, and your obviously misplaced derision of me suggesting substituting a real law enforcement agency instead of the Keystone Kops we currently have shows why. This statement by you shows me immediately I am a more qualified candidate than your small mind can comprehend.

I have done some initial research regarding the Sheriff’s Department policing our city, and I can see financial as well as ethical benefits for this transition. Of course, the few ethical and professional personnel currently serving under [retiring police Chief Paul] Workman would be considered for employment and given credit for understanding the uniqueness of Laguna Beach. We need a law enforcement organization that will treat all citizens equally, and not treat “some” citizens different than the other 90% of our population.

Also Victor, what does it say about your character that you didn’t mention you are endorsing Rob; didn’t think it mattered to the readership? Pot, meet kettle!


Eli J. Grossman, Laguna Beach

The author is one of seven candidates running for City Council.

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