New Owners Re-season Café Zoolu Creole Style

Laguna Beach resident and bar owner Michael Byrne intends to remake longtime local favorite, Cafe Zoolu, into a creole restaurant. Owners Michael and Toni Leech look forward to retiring.

Updated: Court Reverses Murder Conviction

Laguna Beach police erred in continuing to question homicide suspect Matthew Dragna after he invoked his right to a lawyer, concluded an appeals court that overturned the first-degree murder conviction for a violation of procedure.

Creatures Large and Small Wash Ashore

The impact of El Nino ocean currents was evident on local beaches in the last week, where beachgoers encountered unusually underweight baby elephant seals and a stranded army of tiny lobster-like red crabs.

All Roads Lead to … ‘No Parking’

The poster-sized sign printed on vinyl looks like an eye chart from an optometrist’s office. In increasingly smaller letters it reads, “Visualize being towed.” Another one reads, “No Parking-No Kidding”. Jeannie Richardson has produced 15 different signs, some elegant and some...
Posted On 19 May 2016

Court Reverses Murder Conviction

Laguna Beach police erred in continuing to question murder-robbery suspect Matthew Dragna after he invoked the need for a lawyer, leading a court of appeals to overturn his 2013 Superior Court conviction. An opinion issued by the California Court of Appeals last week reversed the...

Schools Reject Fee Hike on New Building

The Laguna Beach school board refused to impose a hike in fees on new construction within the district Tuesday and also questioned the premise behind the recommendation, a forecast of a 27 percent jump in enrollment and the need for $24 million in campus improvements to...

Water District Will Raise Rates

The South Coast Water District, which services South Laguna plans an incremental increase in water and sewer rates over the next five years that will add about $87 a year to the typical bill of a homeowner beginning July 1.

Swimmer Rises to a Miles-High Challenge

Laguna local and open-water ocean swimmer Tom Hale again braved frigid waters to compete in a fresh-water lake contest far from home and far above sea level.
Posted On 15 May 2016

Expect a Ballot Stuffed With Pot Measures

Laguna Beach voters will certainly see two, and perhaps as many as four, competing medicinal marijuana measures on the November general election ballot as a result of the City Council’s action Tuesday.

First Parklet Hit with Scathing Review

After years of attempts to make Forest Avenue a more walker-friendly promenade, the first “parklet” received a wrath of criticism at Tuesday’sLaguna Beach City Council meeting.

Schools Plan for Jump in Enrollment

The Laguna Beach school district expects a 27 percent increase in its student population over two decades and forecasts needing $24 million in improvements to accommodate such growth. To start recouping the expected costs of an enrollment jump, the school board will tonight...

Theater ‘Rock Star’ Joins Playhouse

Tony Award-winning producer Ellen Richard, who began her career as a stagehand and scenic design assistant, will join Laguna Playhouse as its interim executive director later this month, the board announced this week. A national search for an executive director began last year to...

Sculpture Redo Doubles in Cost

When the confusion cleared about what was being proposed, the City Council decided that the “Sunbathers” metal sculpture will be repositioned at Nita Carmen Park and completely recast in stainless steel at triple the original estimate.

Updated: Mountain Biker Injured in Cliff Fall  

They scanned the area and by chance looked over the cliff edge. Burridge saw Hukill’s bike lodged in a tree 50-feet below the edge and immediately called 911. 

Gas Shut off at Thurston Middle School

An emergency contract to repair gas lines at Thurston Middle School was approved this week after pin-sized gas leaks were detected and service cut to the campus April 4.