With Character Intact, a Strong Economy Will Follow



The final paragraph in the July 18 Indy story about the selection of the urban planner is most provocative.  Bob Chapman is quoted as suggesting that visitors (rather than residents) carry more weight in deciding the future of our town.  We all want our businesses to thrive and our visitors to have a good time, but is “making a buck” the number one objective? Was this the number one factor in selecting MIG as the urban planner?  What about the people who live here and love this place?

As another speaker, John Thomas, said, “This is our home.” We cannot let developers and “big money” take over our town.  Comments like Chapman’s show that we need Duany’s insights more than ever to keep our unique character, which is what really brings the tourists.  The city manager is quoted as saying that including Duany in the process is “unlikely.”  Why?  The city uses peer review in other situations.

Anne Frank, Laguna Beach

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