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Staying Connected to Teens

Michael Riera, a published authority on children and teenagers, is the guest speaker Wednesday, May 18, at Coffee Break, the parent education workshop that begins at 8:15 a.m. at the Surf & Sand Hotel.

Riera’s cornerstone philosophy is that parents of teens should shift from being authoritarian managers to collaborative consultants. Raising a teenager can be trying, confusing, and frustrating as  normal healthy teenagers are moody, self-centered, and full of mixed messages. Yet teenagers are frequently misunderstood by even the most caring adults, which exacerbates a parents’ ability to do what they most want to do: communicate effectively with their kids. Riera’s purpose is not to tell anybody how to parent their kids, but to translate what teenagers mean but can’t say by their behaviors and attitudes.

Any questions can be addressed to Cindy Newman-Jacobs – at [email protected]

El Morro Kids Paint Healing Mural for Japan

El Morro students had the opportunity on Monday to paint a mural for exhibition in Japan. The mural is one of several from around the world that will be exhibited there, and it is meant to portray the positive side of sea life in order to lessen fear about the ocean and tsunamis and send comfort and cheer to the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Joanne Tawfilis, a former United Nations executive and co-founder of the Art Miles Mural Project who has been working to facilitate murals since 1997, collaborated on the project.

College’s Expert is in Demand

Laguna College of Art & Design’s dean of visual communication, Jack Lew, an expert in digital media trends, is a sought after speaker.

He delivered a keynote address on video games and e-learning at the National Convention of Young Audiences in Indianapolis last month.

In May, he will participate in the annual National Endowment for the Arts sponsored Education Leaders Institute. Earlier, he described career opportunities for theater majors at the National Association of Schools of Theater and last year led a workshop for Chinese video game developers in Beijing.

Local Graduates

Laguna Beach resident Christine Daichendt graduated from Azusa Pacific University, an evangelical, Christian college in Azusa, Calif., on May 7 with a bachelor of arts in mathematics.



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