Club Members Get a Taste of the Sea

Preschoolers visit the Ocean Institute and learn about sea creatures first-hand.

To improve understanding of the ocean and its creatures, the Ocean Institute’s Adopt-a-Class recently visited members the Boys & Girls Club with its visiting classroom.

Kids learned about the moon and tides, about how trash affects the ocean and tide pools and then examined the differences and similarities of sea life found in local tide pools, such as sea urchins and sea stars.

Children overcame initial caution about approaching the sea critters as Ocean Institute staff members answered questions and dispelled misconceptions about the ocean and its inhabitants.

Additionally, kids in the club’s Even Start preschool program were treated to a special field trip to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. In the “House for Hermit Crab” workshop, they let hermit crabs crawl on their hands and were guided through activities discovering the tidal animals and their natural habitats.

“It is so important for children to have hands on experiences like this,” said preschool director Terry Anne Barman. “When studying biology and science later in their education, they will remember this exciting adventure and learn faster.”

Hearts of Montage, the philanthropic group of Montage resorts’ employees, underwrote the Ocean Institute’s Adopt-a-Class visits and the preschool field trip.

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