Coffee Break


His Insights Reveal Differences in Children’s Natures

Michael Gurian.

Bestselling author Michael Gurian, an advocate for applying brain research about gender differences to learning in homes, schools, the work place and public policy, speaks Wednesday, May 23, at 8:30 a.m. at Aliso Creek Inn, the final Coffee Break parent-education workshop of the school year.

A $10 donation is suggested at the door an the public is welcome.

Gurian’s books about the differing psychologies of the sexes have sparked national debate. Yale University’s psychology Prof. Edward Zigler said, “from the beginning of time, parents and sensitive teachers have observed differences in the behavior, learning styles, and focused interests of girls and boys.” Gurian draws on neuroscientific data to justify these perceptions and suggests creative ways to modify the learning environment to encourage broader achievement in both gender groups, Zigler said.

Those interested in participating in a free-of-charge seminar with Gurian afterwards should contact Cindy Newman-Jacobs at [email protected] or at (949) 280-4900.  Reservations are required.

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