Competitive Beach Volleyball Season Closes with Tournaments

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 (L-R) Men’s Open Division champions Todor Dimitrov and Cameron Bordeau, and second place winners Daniel Pop and Carl Bunge.

The competitive beach volleyball season is drawing to a close and the final tournaments were held at Laguna’s Main Beach over the weekend with 76 players participating in perfect weather and beach conditions. Two men’s and two women’s divisions battled it out for bragging rights in a round robin format in which players changed partners during the qualifying rounds and then continued through the playoffs with a single partner they earned in qualifying. This is a very social but grueling tournament format, as the competitors played a lot of volleyball while constantly switching partners.

Men’s Open Division:

First: Todor Dimitrov and Cameron Bordeau

Second: Daniel Pop and Carl Bunge.

(L-R) Men’s Lower Division champions Grant Jones and Scott Hurson, and second place winners Mike Minnitti and Billy Perez.

Men’s Lower Division:

First: Grant Jones and Scott Hurson

Second: Mike Minnitti and Billy Perez

 (L-R) Women’s Open Division champions Samantha Thomas and Amanda Vialpondo, and second place winners Alicia Zamparelli and Aurora Santos.

Women’s Open Division:

First: Samantha Thomas and Amanda Vialpondo

Second: Alicia Zamparelli and Aurora Santos.

:(L-R) Women’s Lower Division second place winners Aurora Santos and Monica Winkle, and champions Summer Bouquet and April Hamud.

Women’s Lower Division:

First: Summer Bouquet and April Hamud

Second: Aurora Santos and Monica Winkle

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