Conflicting Views on the Treasurer’s Race

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An advocate for the incumbent city treasurer stated that we shouldn’t tinker with an operation that is functioning well. Does he really believe that the voters of Laguna Beach shouldn’t review the scope of work of an elected position that has not been challenged in 17 years?

The city of Laguna Beach finance department and independent auditors have also ensured that our city has met state and municipal guidelines during rising and falling interest rates.  The primary goal of municipal investments is capital preservation.  The treasurer has achieved a little more than 1% return.  The incumbent sought a full-time position in February 2016 and it was rejected. The council voted to keep the hours at 25. In May 2016, she set an agenda item to hire an assistant deputy treasurer for over $35,000 per year and it was completely ignored.

In his letter, the incumbent’s chief fundraiser also misquoted Ms. McGraw. It is reprehensible that a part-time, elected official has created a bureaucracy that now costs our city as much as that of a full-time police officer or firefighter. Anne McGraw is a well-qualified candidate and is endorsed by four council members, former city council members and community leaders. She is prepared and qualified to do the job at a much lower cost to Laguna Beach. If we all recall, Susan Morris, our former city treasurer was not a CPA. The voters of Laguna Beach are educated and financially literate.  Let’s discuss the real issues.


Safa Hodges, Laguna Beach


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