Constituent’s Pleas Receive No Response

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I am writing to let my fellow Laguna residents know how unresponsive Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is to his constituents.

Several times I have requested the scheduling of a town hall meeting or an office appointment with our representative and have not gotten a response to my email requests or have been told by his Huntington Beach office aides that no meetings are scheduled in the future.

How can Rep. Rohrabacher effectively represent his constituents if he does not meet with us?

Ginger Osborne, Laguna Beach

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  1. It would be interesting to see who pays the olde guy to be so stubbornly anti-science. There has to be something dark and disturbing if he claims to “represent” us. Sad that not enough folks hereabouts didn’t dump him at the last election, and I suppose his numbers mislead him into thinking we support his actions and positions.

  2. Bruce, you need to read Aesop’s parable about the man, the son, and the donkey.
    The moral of his ancient story is that you can’t please everyone. Obama increased our country’s perception of being a divided nation from 46% in 2009 to 86% in 2017. Your claim that Rohrabacher, or any Republican for that matter, is “anti-science” is mere wordplay, which is what Democrats have mastered during the last five decades. If in fact *climate change* is so very *real* and we must *do something about it* NOW, why doesn’t Laguna Beach discourage tourism, cancel all future Sawdust Festivals, all plays, all activities, close its hotels, and cut back on all your own fossil fuel use everywhere by 80%, as ordered by Governor Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama and the United Nations? Why don’t all of you Holier Than Everyone Else *environmental activists* practice what you preach? You never will, because you’re all talk, and you want to have the good life while pretending to be smarter, and more *caring* than the rest. The problem is, you’re not.


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