Controversy Over Cuba Continues

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Re: the letter from Katy Moss (“Another Perspective on Cuba,” Letters, July 10)

Basically, everything she stated about Cuba is true.  It is a dictatorship. You can be imprisoned for any reason or no reason. It is poor. There is not enough of anything.

As a tourist, you see what the government wants you to see. All that is true and if you want more information about Cuba, its politics, economy or its history, you can look it up on the web.

What you cannot usually look up is what the people are like, so that is what I wrote about, and it starts with their sensuality. Here is what one writer stated in an article in the New York Times travel section,  “…even in crowded quarters, it is sensuality that most permeates all things, from the drops of sweat on coppery skin to the beauty of the scarlet papayas to the Cuban women, who move their bodies, sculpted or not, with an unmistakable confidence.”

The writer is female.  She is Cuban. Part of her family left Cuba when Castro rose to power and part stayed. Using a French passport, she continually has visited Cuba for years, and she is proud that although there is not enough of anything and it is a dictatorship and the infrastructure is in ruins—even through all of that, she is proud of her Cuban family and heritage, and one giant aspect of that is its sensuality.

She, and most Cubans, celebrate that fact.

Michael Ray, Laguna Beach

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