Costumed Caper Ends in Creek Rescue


An unidentified and intoxicated teen-ager wearing a Halloween costume was rescued after a 50-foot fall down an embankment above Aliso Creek shortly after midnight on Sunday. Police say he jumped a barrier to elude police, called to Aliso Creek Inn to break up a large party earlier in the evening.

Rescuers found the boy curled in a fetal position at the stream’s edge, suffering from exposure and otherwise appearing to be uninjured, said fire department incident commander Dan Stefano. But because the boy was uncooperative with rescuers and couldn’t state what happened, firefighters extracted him as if he had a spinal injury and transported him to a hospital, Stefano said.

“The man was found lying half in the creek.  He was suffering from hypothermia and extreme intoxication, police Lt. Jason Kravetz said. The boy’s friends called police and reported him missing, though they had located him by the time police arrived.

The boy, who was accompanied by two friends also in costume, fell from a periphery clearing beside Country Club Road about 100 feet from a Coast Highway bridge across Aliso Creek, Stefano said.

Due to the steepness of the embankment where the boy fell, firefighters led by Capt. Ali Weinert entered the creek bed upstream where the slope is less severe, he said.

Stefano couldn’t say specifically if the boys were intoxicated. “It appeared there was something going on,” he said.





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