Council Endorses KX 93.5’s Role in Emergency Readiness


At the June 3 budget meeting the City Council unanimously approved $18,000 for Laguna’s FM radio station, KX 93.5. The funds will cover the installation of back-up generators and other emergency readiness equipment.

The nonprofit station will be able to continue broadcasting for days in the event of a power outage, to maintain a reliable Internet connection and to utilize a wireless link to City Hall, allowing city officials to broadcast to the public remotely.

“FM radio is historically the most relied-upon medium in the event of a major emergency,” said station founder Tyler Russell. “This unanimous decision shows that the city takes KX 93.5’s ability to disseminate information seriously. We are very thankful”

Part of the $18,000 will also fund a regular program on KX 93.5 dedicated to disaster preparedness.



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