A Critic of Profligate Spending at City Hall


I am writing regarding the proposed increase to sewer services charges.

A 10 percent increase over three years is unacceptable and irresponsible. I have been reading about the frailty of the infrastructure for years. This money should have been set aside long ago. If Laguna Beach were a private corporation, whoever failed to budget for this would be fired. So, who is it who screwed up and where’s his or her pink slip? Seriously. Fire the bastard.

I have seen my income decrease by over 10 percent in one year. In this economic climate, it is an affront to the public’s well being to raise taxes and fees by such a large amount regardless of over how many years you plan on doing it.

Here are some ideas to save money. Charge a buck a ride for the trolley or get rid of it. Contract out emptying beach and park trashcans. We don’t need pension-receiving union-employees taking trash bags out of trashcans. Paint the fire hydrant in front of City Hall. (I’ll do it for free). Why do we pay a pension-receiving union-employee to polish brass? Who sweeps the sidewalk in front of City Hall? Have the landscape service who cleans the high school do it or make it part of the firefighters’ job (when they’re not “exercising” at the high school track or Main Beach). What about our fire department? Contract fire services with the Orange County Fire Authority. Santa Ana joined forces with Orange County Fire Authority and is saving a fortune.

So I say ‘No’ to your rate increase and ‘No’ to the way you spend our money. Tighten your belts like all of us and stop spending our money without regard as to where it comes from.

Mike Rybah, Laguna Beach

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