In Defense of Plastic Bags


I read in your last issue that there is a new effort in Laguna to ban (or charge for) plastic grocery bags (“Ruling Revives Call for Banning Bags,” July 29).

Earlier I was supportive, believing that they harm the environment, but I’ve since learned they’re recyclable. This is good news. Plastic bags are lightweight, convenient (with a built-in handle), and don’t require cutting down trees. They can be used for many different things (including taking out the trash). Once the groceries are put away, I save mine for later re-use.

Banning plastic bags is unnecessary, and requiring merchants to charge for them would simply enrich the sellers at the buyers’ expense. People are free to use personal shopping bags if they wish, but for the rest of us, those little plastic ones are just fine.


Bette Anderson, Laguna Beach

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