Defying Rules and Gravity

(The writer contends the) Laguna skateboard ban (will be) found unconstitutional. It is important that people realize what sort of town Laguna has become.  From an artist enclave where freedom and expression were welcomed to a tyrannical “Newportish” judgmental hedge height, parking metered, new fines, more permits to fix what was once already permitted, until a lawyer moved in, add on, un-neighborly, call a cop, impose another fine take another freedom away detention center with a pretty façade.

Remember skating down to the beach, a day surfing, throwing a Frisbee with friends, spearing a fish for a little sushi right on the beach before heading home to take the dog for a walk and skate, usually back by the beach.
Can you picture that in your mind? Pleasant, relaxing, right?  Out of a movie?   Fast forward to today. No Skating. No Frisbee. No Smash Ball. No fishing. No Dogs. We can still go to the beach?
Laguna isn’t part of the grid. Our roads have hills and dips, curves and turns, It’s what makes Laguna unique. Elsewhere, people would be pulling over and stopping in awe and amazement, even disbelief  witnessing the rare skill set we the lucky few exhibit.  For that is what it is, not just anyone can jump on a board on these hills.
A select few have reached the level of proficiency and skills essential in gracefully negotiating our hills while portraying a stoic ease simultaneously harnessing the pure energy derived by gravitation energy in order to travel freely downhill, leaving no carbon footprint, posing not harm or threat to anyone but the possible injury to oneself.  Which is one’s right? Truth is to ride Laguna, one has to reach that high skill set. If not, they won’t get far enough or fast enough to get hurt.
For the record; I, a sovereign human being, retain my freedoms, I don’t contract with the corporation: City of Laguna Beach Inc. nor its agents, (i.e., LB Police Department.) I retain my right to travel freely as long as I do not injure or cause to, any other human being(s).
If any City revenue agents attempt to stop me, detain me, or to contract with me, I am a peaceful man and pose no threat. Please act accordingly. I will show you the same level of respect you show me.  Please have a signed, verified criminal complaint to show me at the detention.  If you do not have one and you do not see me committing a felony, you are hereby notified you have no jurisdiction over me.
Pierre Balasuriya, Laguna Beach

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