The Difference Between Skateboarders


Like many parents of skateboarders, we ardently require our child’s use of safety equipment and his adherence to traffic rules. Additionally, we fully support the City’s lawful ticketing of reckless, unsafe skateboarding behavior. Via safety meetings held at our home, we and other adults have counseled the town’s most prominent downhill skateboarders to be mindful of safety rules and etiquette.

At these meetings, like in all walks of life, many different personalities of skateboarders are present, from polite kids who religiously wear their helmets and watch for cars, to those who are less palatable, the ones who, no matter how much you preach, fail to realize their accountability.

Also, many are not just talented skaters, but gifted musicians, surfers, and honors students. In fact, Laguna Beach is home to downhill skateboarding’s Junior World Champion, and if you have ever had the pleasure to talk to him, he is one of the most polite, sincere, informative kids we have ever met.

Please know the downhill skateboarding community is doing its part to maximize safety and minimize danger. Cyclists, pedestrians, automobile drivers, and skateboarders are legitimate parts of a community, all with equal access to the roadways. It’s time for drivers to stop using the weight and power of their vehicles as a medium to dominate our streets. Sharing the road is not just a courtesy drivers should extend, but a mandate for the preservation of all members of our community. Slow down, and get off your phone!

Chad and Jennifer Gibbs

Laguna Beach

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