Disdain for Gun Advertising

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About 10 years ago, when I subscribed to the OC Register to follow my high school soccer results during winter months, I noticed a disturbing trend in their newspaper advertising. The trend was that gun stores were allowed to take out full-page ads directly opposite the high school sports page. I noticed the trend for three weeks and finally wrote a letter to the editor in charge of The Register. Obviously, my letter pointed out the subtle decision by The Register to allow advertised gun purchases to be associated with the paper’s high school readership. I was alarmed at the blatant attempt to attract youth to gun ownership.

A small victory for the little guy as I received a thank you note and the trend immediately ceased…..probably to the dismay of the gun shop owners.

Your paper has unfortunately reminded me of my previous experience. “Handgun Instruction” is absolutely vital to gun ownership, but I once again question why images of handguns are placed on high school sport pages.

Bill Rolfing,

Laguna Beach

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