Donald J. Arcoli-Arcaroli

Donald J. Arcoli-Arcaroli

Donald J. Arcoli-Arcaroli passed away, after a short illness, with his sister, Marilyn, by his side on Sept. 23, 2019 in Rancho Mirage. Donald was born in Chicago and the family moved to Laguna Beach in 1950. He was a 1957 graduate of Laguna Beach High School. After high school, Donald (a.k.a. “Anchovy”) and a group of other recent grads traveled throughout Europe for that summer. After attending Woodbury Business College in Los Angeles, he returned to Laguna Beach. Donald’s father, Charles, was a well-known builder of beautiful homes in the hills of Laguna, and Donald continued in his footsteps, in home building and real estate. Over the years, he continued in real estate and acquired homes in New Orleans, Florida and Kentucky.

Donald was happiest in the midst of his four-legged children (his dogs), and his family and many friends. You could always count on Donald to throw a great party, starting at the age of 16, every time his parents were out of town. With the help of Donald’s friends and several gallons of paint, Charles and Fran were never the wiser that their home had been party central! Donald carried out the party tradition in his own homes for many years. When attending a party at Donald’s, you knew there would be good food, great music and great friends. Many of those friendships lasted throughout his life. Donald was preceded in death by his father, Charles, and his mother, Frances. Donald will be especially missed at the Laguna Beach High School class of ’57 reunion each year and by his numerous cousins in Laguna Beach and Chicago. Donald’s sister, Marilyn, of Rancho Mirage, continues to embrace his love of animals and dear friends.

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