Drivers: Stop the Reckless Speeding



We need a new police chief who will enforce speed limits not only on Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon Road but on residential streets, too. Let the chips fall where they may.

I live near Wesley Drive and while you are reading this letter, drivers are going through the intersection of Coast Highway and Wesley at 70 and 80 m.p.h.

Yesterday when I crossed Wesley, a car came up from Coast Highway going 50 mph and I was almost hit. A lady and her daughter on the sidewalk yelled to me asking if I was okay.

Recently I watched a LBPD motorcycle officer give a young man on a motorcycle a ticket for reckless driving. From what the cop said, I wondered if he was going to let the man continue riding, but after writing him up for reckless driving he said to the man that he was adding speeding to the ticket, because he was going over the speed limit of 45.  That part of the ticket was not fair and quite hypocritical since numerous drivers were speeding through the intersection while he wrote the ticket.

Yes, I know. Residents won’t like getting speeding tickets and it could slow down traffic, but it seems to me if high speed drivers were ticketed, Laguna would be much safer for pedestrians, bike and motorcycle people and drivers themselves.

Right now, I must admit I am asking myself why I wrote this letter to the editor. Perhaps because I was almost killed yesterday on Wesley Drive,  but in my heart of hearts and reality, I really don’t expect anything to change.

Roger Carter , Laguna Beach

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  1. Review the recent CHP Major Traffic Accident investigation September 05, 2014 which proves LBPD officer violated vehicle code for excessive reckless speed of 30 MPH over posted limit resulting in his untimely death. Perhaps, when we get LBPD officers to obey the laws they will be capable of enforcing same.

    Sad the LBPD officer lost his life but take a moment to think of the considerable risk to public safety caused innocent citizens and we must be grateful the 20 year old truck driver is still alive!

    When the facts change~we should change our minds

    Perhaps circumstances dictate a memorial wall is unnecessary when the officer died by virtue of his own negligence and put the lives of public safety at risk. No evidence exists he was in pursuit of vehicle nor was he found to be responding to any 911 emergency. The facts are all in the CHP report.

  2. The recent CHP MAJOR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION into the cause of death of LBPD officer by determination of VIOLATION OF VEHICLE CODE by excessive speed, over 30MPH, by LBPD officer j Coutchie should serve as an example for LBPD to reexamine excessive high speed car pursuits by LBPD officers.

    No evidence exists to support speculative remarks made by Jason Kravitz in press release that the officer was in pursuit. All is wishful thinking. All is speculative remarks which officers should know to stick to the FACTS and not officially report based upon speculation or conjecture.

    LBPD should reexamine the plaque memorial which will honor an officer recently determined by CHP investigative team to have violated vehicle code which resulted in his untimely death.
    Not to mention the risk of life of the 20year old driver with an unblemished driving record who is rattled to the core after having a motorcycle officer broadside the GMC truck in the process of turning.

    Consider first all the innocent pedestrians, bicyclists & vehicles put at unnecessary risk during negligent high speed chases for DUI or other traffic infractions.

    Human lives must be protected and LBPD should reexamine the manner they respond and react to situations not deemed an emergency crisis.


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