Richard Halle

Day’s Work

Hiya boys. Come on around the back.

Want a cold one?


Geez, it’s only 10:…

Sure, Grampa. I’ll have one.

Me too.

Thanks Grampa.


Mom said you wanted us to do some work for you.


Sit down. Sit down. Have some nuts and fruit.


These plums are good.


Did you eat yet? I’ll fry up some eggs.

I got some good sausages from that old lady.


Better make sure you don’t get your sausage mixed up in her batch.

Yeah, Grampa. She’ll stuff your sausage for you.


Did I tell you boys about the time,

I was logging in the Sierra’s and

There was this camp tramp that would come by…..


Hey Grampa tell us the one where the

Guy’s wife comes into the bar with a

Chain saw fired up….


How about the time you lost your brakes

On the last turn before the mill….


Did you really tell that preacher it’s O.K. to

Spread the word, but keep the

Manure to the minimum?


When the load shifted and those logs

Started to roll off the truck

And down into those bear hunters’ camp….


Those were some good days, boys.


Yessir. They must have been.

What did you want us to do?


Oh it’s nothing can’t wait.

We’ll get it next time you come over.


Grampa Grant is Richard Hille a long time Laguna Beach resident with three Grandchildren ages 4, 7 and 10





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