Richard Halle

Trick or Treat?

What are you going to be on Halloween?

A witch, of course. It’s the best thing to be.

Do you know what Halloween really celebrates?

Grampa, don’t tell me about All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints Day or Dia de los Muertos or how the day is celebrated in Canada.

I’ll tell you what Holloween is really about, O.K.?   It’s only for children, so adults can’t understand it.

It’s the absolute end of everything summer; the air is cool and crisp with a smell of dryness and decay.   The newness of the first day of school is far in the past. The floor is too cold when we get out of bed. It’s dark when we walk home. We always look at the sky because it tries to tell us what to expect next.

We love Holloween because adults can’t ruin it. There are enough of you that will help us by being home and giving candy when we knock or ring.

Even if you don’t buy us costumes we’ll fashion something just so we can be out.

The two main things about Holloween are these:   the excitement from anticipation of enjoying the same moment with known and unknown children, all in costume on the make for some free candy; and knowing that this is the best Holloween ever and next year will be even better.

Grampa Grant is Richard Halle, a long time Laguna Beach resident with three grandchildren.

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