Memorial Day

Richard Halle

Grampa will we go to the cemetery this year?

Only if you want to. You’re too old to drag anyplace.

It would be better to go before the picnic..

Yeah. could we go early?

That way you won’t be anxious.

And get cranky.

I don’t get cranky and I’m not anxious.

Oh yes you do Grampa.

When you want us to go you stand by the car with the door open;

And then you get mad because we’re not there when you want us;

Then you drive like crazy until we get to the cemetery with Great Grampa and all the other soldiers;

Yes you do Grampa.

After we arrive you’re calm but until then we can’t even talk to you;

So we want to go early that way you can tell us all about the Civil War and Decoration Day;

And how the soldiers came to be dead;

and that citizens use the day to honor anybody who’s important to them and dead;

and we can pick up the ribbons and the flowers without being in a rush.

Grampa do you think those people who visit their son will be there again this year?

I expect we all will.

Grampa Grant is Richard Hille, a long time Laguna Beach resident, a lawyer and urban planner who is the Executive Director of a charitable trust engaged in medical research. He has three grandchildren aged from 4 to 10 years.


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