Entrance or Money Pit?


Village Entrance! How many studies does it take to satisfy the City Council? The Council ordered yet another study/plan for the beautification of our village entrance.

As Mr. Dicterow just stated to make this issue his priority, so have all previous city councilmembers during the past few decades. Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent on studies and plans. Nothing ever happened. Who makes us believe that something will be happening this time except more studies and more money spent?


Peter Weisbrod, Laguna Beach

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  1. John Krill

    This City Entrance thing is a joke. If they really want to improve that area then make the sidewalk from City Hall to the Sawdust Festival much wider, maybe 12 feet wide, and up near the end of the parking lot put in a small park. Also put a traffic light at the intersection of Laguna Canyon Rd and Laguna Canyon Frontage Road.

    Oh wait that would result in the loss of some parking places. Gosh forbid!

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