Excess Harvests Most Welcome


Last week, a Ms. Harrison called us at the Laguna Food Pantry.  It seems she has more oranges and lemons from her trees than she can possibly use. Would we like the rest? she asked.


It occurred to me that others of you might also have Ms. Harrison’s happy dilemma.  If so, we’d be glad to distribute your extra fruits and vegetables to the hundreds of families who come to our pantry for free groceries. We normally provide them with meats, frozen foods, rice, beans, cereals, bread, and sometimes even dairy products, but really fresh produce is often hard to come by.


The Laguna Food Pantry is on Laguna Canyon Road between the dog park and the Marine Mammal Center. Our volunteers will gladly unload your car and even give you a VIP tour. We’re open from 7:30 to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday, but if you can’t come by until evenings or weekends, we’ll leave the light on for you. Thanks.



Andy Siegenfeld,

Laguna Beach,

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