Exemplary Table Manners

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I came across the mountains from Bermuda Dunes last Thursday, July 25, to see the “Pageant of the Masters.”

My friend and I purchased food before the show and proceeded to look for a table “on the green” to sit and dine. It was packed with the jazz/picnickers group.  We navigated the whole course seeing some empty tables with hats and purse for table saving purposes. Finally, giving up we found an abandoned booth on the far side with a counter and decided to stand and dine.

Before we could put our food down, a young lady came to us and said “follow me We are saving a table for you. “ A table for two had come available, and while her friend saved it, she came all the way across the green to tell us it was available.

I was stunned. It is truly refreshing in this “I” and “me ” world to see goodness prevail once in a while. Thanks once again to the young lady in the baseball cap.


Dick Dudley, Bermuda Dunes

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