FAA to Hear Flight Path Complaints

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A representative of the Federal Aviation Administration will take part in a 5 to 8 p.m. meeting Wednesday, Feb. 1, to discuss flight paths from John Wayne Airport.

The meeting will be held at the Oasis Senior Center, 801 Narcissus Ave., in Corona del Mar.

A new satellite-based air traffic control system that starts up Feb. 1 is expected to concentrate flight path traffic from John Wayne Airport and those currently impacted will likely hear more noise. FAA staff will be there to explain how flight path changes could affect your property by address.

The FAA is currently being sued by the cities of Laguna Beach and Newport Beach and others for the recent changes.

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  1. I’m home with the flu today and from approximately 7am to 12:45pm I have listened to 15 PLANES COMING ACROSS THE HILLS OF LAGUNA! Yes, all capitals because the noise is SO LOUD I’ve had to stop conversation and/or continue to turn up the stereo(and then back down again…) between the jet disruptions. And yes all this with doors and windows closed….

    What else is the city of laguna Beach doing about this? Does the city have it’s own nose level monitoring systems recording the frequency and the decibel level? If not, WHY NOT??

    How does this rapid increase and frequency of noise affect the wildlife and our bird sanctuary we call Laguna Beach? What about our basic right of quiet enjoyment of our lovely city?

    Last night as I drove south on PCH, left onto Bluebird, then up Summit I witnessed no less than three planes lining up, barely clearing the top of the hills and continue on to either John Wayne, Long Beach or LAX with bright lights blazing and audible engine noise-I could hear it even with the car windows closed!!!

    And here’s another right now 12:53pm….
    I have lived in Laguna since 1993 and have never heard such horrible sounds from the sky.

    FAA to show up to tell us what to expect???? That’s the resolution so far???

    Laguna Beach Mayor, City staff, monitoring devices and lawyers where are you???

  2. The FAA has a scripted speech, “NextGen is safer, planes are on time and billions of dollars will be saved. What they fail to tell you is that someone has to pay the price, and that is is the poor residents under the NEXTGEN Skyway of hell”, GPS based flight paths that do not change. We currently have 400-500 planes on most days(depending on wind) directly over our house. We live on a lake that supplies the city drinking water but the FAA gets a pass on proper EPA testing. Too much money coming from airline companies for anyone to blink an eye. Obvious answer is move, and we will but we are not tied to this community but the properties are now worth nothing and impossible to sell.


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