New Faces Enroll at Thurston

Thurston’s new leadership team, Principal Jenny Salberg, Asst. Principal Mike Modeer, and counselors Nance Morrissey and Jennifer DeMark.

Assistant Principal Mike Modeer and counselor Nance Morrissey are new members of the Thurston Middle School’s Leadership Team, said Jenny Salberg, new in her role as principal.


Modeer, who holds degrees in managerial economics and education, previously taught in the classroom and worked as an assistant middle school principal.


“Whether it’s curriculum related or a social issue, my goal is to help every student enjoy a ‘good day’ here,” said Modeer, who recently completed his first sprint-distance triathlon and with 11 teammates as well as the Ragnar 200-mile, nonstop relay race.


Later this month, he will help supervise the Catalina Outdoor Science Classroom with the sixth grade class and looks forward to the annual student-staff Dodge ball game later this year.


Morrissey, a seven-year veteran of the high school counseling team, switched schools. . “I am eager to learn the academic goals and personal aspirations of the Thurston

students, and I hope I can help them start working toward understanding and taking the small steps that lead to the fruition of those dreams.”


Counselor Jennifer DeMark begins her eighth year at Thurston. She and Salberg two years ago devised the  Thurston Intervention Team, comprised of administrators, teachers and counselors who meet every six weeks and uses data to measure student progress.


“Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to make sure that every Thurston student’s academic and social/emotional needs are supported,” DeMark said.


Salberg pointed out that few principals start a new school year with 50 percent of the administrative team new to the site.





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