A Family in Need of a Safety Net

The Genestas, John, Lisa and son Adam, in their ill-fated Sawdust booth, now wrestle with increasing financial pressures.

The Salty Suites, the Nitty Ditty Dirt Band with Chelsea Williams and the PawnShop Kings will perform Friday, Sept. 21, in a benefit concert for Laguna Beach’s Genesta family, according to promoter Rick Conkey.

John and Lisa Genesta face a dire financial situation, including a home foreclosure, since John suffered brain and back injuries in June as a result of a fall during construction of his Sawdust Art Festival booth. Though recovering, the Vietnam veteran can’t resume his previous work selling antiques at swap meets due to his physical condition and the Veterans Administration is apparently disputing his medical claims at a non-contract facility, Conkey said. “His bills will probably be over $1 million if not more. This could be any of us.”

The concert kicks off at 32406 S. Coast Highway, an office building outside Three Arch Bay. There will be a special performance by John and Lisa’s son, Adam, a college freshman.

Tickets will be $20 and up. Call 949.573-8624 to reserve your place and or to donate a silent auction item.

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