In Favor of Rabble Rousers


As I read Mr. Hill’s article (“Overkill by Entrance Opposition,” Oct. 4) decrying the misbehavior of the anti-entrance lobby, I could not help but think that their behavior was precipitated by a sense of the threat people are feeling as our personal rights are being eroded both locally and nationally.

We read of privacy infringements (I wonder who is monitoring this email), social media monitoring, surveillance cameras, drones, meta-data analysis, social “welfare” programs, billions in foreign aid to countries which pretty much hate the U.S., and have no recollection of voting in favor of any of it.

Now, our local-business-elected city council is wanting to spend all kinds of money and we the people would rather they did not. How the village entrance benefits the citizens of Laguna Beach is still beyond me. Complaints about traffic rarely address the fact that Irvine keeps stuffing homes on vacant land and many of these people drive right through Laguna to get somewhere else.

How is it that we are so egocentric to think that the drivers on Coast Highway are coming here? Perhaps they are on Coast Highway to go to Newport from Dana Point. Maybe they are on Laguna Canyon Road coming from Irvine to go to Crystal Cove. Or, like me, they are trying to get through downtown Laguna to go to somewhere else.

Perhaps what we saw at city hall was a vestige of what the colonialists felt when they pushed back against the tyranny of George III over 200 years ago and saw that they had a chance to make a difference. I, for one, support boisterous, “boorishly disdainful” behavior up to and including throwing tea into Boston harbor if that is what it takes to be heard and to make the will of the people prevail in our rapidly eroding democracy.

Mike Rybah, Laguna Beach




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