Finally, Artistic Village Entrance Arrives



What the city could not accomplish in 50 years, to enliven the village entrance, two businesses achieved within two months.

This is the first time I feel that the city shows some art relevance with her newest public art. Meaning, Laguna falls in the realm where visitors sense this city has art.

How do the new artworks impact Laguna Beach? On our drive into town from the canyon we are already greeted by all kinds of creative whispers, mostly in the form of murals which culminate with the now interesting facades of all three festivals.

LCAD’s growing sculpture garden has, for the first time, after its latest unveilings,  amassed enough gravitas to grab you with artistic charm. The Sawdust has been always unique with its fairy tail style and the Festival of Arts has put millions into the revamping of their grounds. But before the two Spanish artists got their hands on the Art-A-Fair, no one took notice of this boring building. After a few brush strokes, Art-A-Fair’s facade beats the other two festivals in its message of “there is art going on.” In addition, the city got another three new murals between the Art-A-Fair and the Sawdust. These public art works are not stylistically integrated like other art in Laguna, and rightly so. These works don’t get lost within Laguna’s infrastructure; they attract by engaging you to look and admire them. I don’t love all the works, but I enjoy the stimulation and diversity it creates.

This is what art is supposed to do, get you out of your daily trot. Laguna finally appears, at least to the outside world and its city seal promises, like an art city. This was not brain surgery. Most revered artists admit they cannot compete with nature. That is why a city with the most impressive natural beauty needs art that does not compete with nature but stands beside her. The human expression of art is the most wonderful contrast to Laguna’s natural beauty and it works.

Why can’t we have this kind of uplifting creativity all over Laguna Beach?

Michaell Magrutsche, Laguna Beach


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