‘Foolish Consistencies’ Don’t Trouble Madison Supporter



We must be careful not to support political character assassinations.  In this era of sound bites and informational snippets, it is most important to elect council members because of their integrity and commitment to public service.

Anyone who knows Jon Madison will attest to his strength of character, giving spirit and commitment to the city of Laguna Beach.  Drop by his restaurant and witness him greeting patrons and their canine companions. This is the same restaurant hosting charity events and from which various items are donated each holiday season to needy charities.

Open, friendly and energetic, Jon will be happy to talk with you, tell you what he thinks and give you the confidence that he will get things done. This stands in stark contrast to denigrating attacks based solely on foolish consistencies that Emerson said were the hobgoblins of little minds.

For whomever you vote, get to know the person.  If you know Jon, supporting him will be the obvious choice.

David S. Watkins, Laguna Beach

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