For San Diego Criminal Defendants, Bernal Law Offers Special Skills


Criminal proceedings are never low-stakes. Defense attorneys know that each client’s future, reputation, and livelihood hangs in the balance of their case. And that is often most clear to those who have been prosecuting attorneys. Former prosecutors who have transitioned to become defense attorneys know all too well what a guilty verdict can do to a life, and they also know how to avoid that situation.

Attorney Pedro Bernal of Bernal Law is perhaps the best example of such an attorney. Bernal, in his capacity as Deputy District Attorney in the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, worked on a variety of cases, including white-color crimes, insurance fraud, and tax evasion schemes. It was through these cases that Bernal learned the strategies used by prosecution teams. Bernal has a unique set of talents as one of the top criminal defense attorneys and an exceptional  San Diego drug crimes lawyer.

The Strategies and Experience of a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

As a former prosecutor, Bernal has deep insight into prosecution strategies. He knows the kinds of tactics and strategies that prosecutors use to build their cases because he’s used those strategies himself. Armed with this foresight, he can often anticipate a prosecution’s moves, identify their weaknesses, and take advantage of them with disarming precision. By the time prosecutors have fully presented their case, this uniquely experienced defense attorney has already plotted his way to victory.

Even with this strategic advantage, success still requires a cool head, but that comes packaged with the courtroom experience. In Bernal’s case, over a decade of work on hundreds of cases gives him the confidence to execute legal strategies with precision. From state and municipal courts to federal proceedings, Bernal’s familiarity with courtroom dynamics keeps him effective and persuasive. This experience is invaluable in ensuring that the defense case is presented as strongly as possible.

The Network of a Former Prosecutor: Access to Resources and Community

Through his extensive experience, Bernal has established solid relationships with judges, other prosecutors, and law enforcement. These connections can facilitate more open lines of communication and smoother case handling. Familiarity with the key players in the legal community can help Bernal achieve more favorable negotiations and outcomes. This network can be particularly beneficial in complex or high-stakes cases.

Knowledge of police procedures and investigation techniques enables former prosecutors to spot any mishandlings or rights violations. This understanding is crucial in identifying procedural errors or misconduct, keeping the pressure on prosecutors to conduct a tight case with respect. The same scrutiny can also be leveraged toward the procedures of law enforcement, making sure that clients are treated with the respect they deserve.

Criminal Defendants Deserve an Experienced Advocate like Bernal Law

A former prosecutor brings credibility and respect to their role as a defense attorney, their unique background making them highly effective advocates. If you’re facing criminal charges–especially if you need a San Diego drug crimes lawyer, where California’s drug laws are often in flux–consider the advantages of hiring a former prosecutor. Their specialized skills and experience could make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Seek out the attorney that best fits your needs and ensure your rights are protected.

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