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I applaud those council members that had the courage to vote in favor of moving the village entrance project to the next step in the development process, though still a long way from a done deal.

As a resident for 22 years, and a local business owner for 16 years, I am well aware of the controversy surrounding this project. Over the years I’ve watched as this project has taken on multiple forms in an effort to appease, only to be pushed aside again and again.

Finally we have a way forward, albeit a long way, but as one might expect the opposition is out in full force even before the project has been defined beyond the conceptual stage. We live in a free and democratic society where everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs and opinions. Sadly, many will form their opinions about the village entrance project based not on facts, but on the fear and emotion being whipped up by the opposition.

Rather than try to persuade in this letter, I would instead ask those Lagunans truly interested in the health and vitality of our city to form an opinion through independent research to determine the veracity of the facts being presented about the village entrance project. In this way I am confident that we will one day see a village entrance befitting of Laguna Beach and benefitting residents, businesses, civic, cultural and arts organizations, and visitors alike.

Those of us around prior to the development of the Montage resort well remember the acrimony over that project. In the end our city officials got it right, and I believe they’ll get it right with the village entrance, thus providing all Lagunans another point of pride in our wonderful city!

Michael Orgill, Laguna Beach



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  1. Don Schultz

    It is SIMPLE for anyone to skew the facts, leave out a few details, print a few signs and get people to sign a petition of almost any kind, and I’m sorry but regardless of how many signatures are collected, the public does not always know whats best. We have ELECTED these officials to LEAD and thats what they are doing. I cast my vote for council members who I KNEW always had the best interest of Laguna in mind. If, at election time, I find that another candidate is to my liking, I will cast my vote at that time. Until then, I am going to let them do their job.

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