Free Home Wildfire Consultation

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Laguna Beach residents can sign up for a free wildfire consultation by the Laguna Beach Fire Department by calling (949) 497-0700 or visiting  and filling out the form indicated.

The city is encouraging residents to safeguard their homes by using fire-safe construction materials, and looking for places where embers could get into the home or attic during a fire. Residents should also clear vegetation at least 30 to 100 feet away from structures and use fire resistant landscape materials to help stop the spread of wildfire. Removal of dead or dying vegetation from their yards, roof and rain gutters is also recommended.


Seeking Volunteer ESL Teachers

La Playa Center, offering free English as a second language classes for adult learners, will open on Sept.16. ESL classes are held at the Boys and Girls Club, Laguna Canyon Branch, Monday through Thursday from 9:30 – 11 a.m. Volunteer ESL teachers provide three levels of English instruction each day: Beginning, intermediate and advanced.

No prior ESL experience is required to become a La Playa volunteer. Teachers receive easy to follow curriculum, texts, workbooks and staff support, and commit to just two hours per week. If interested in learning about becoming a volunteer ESL teacher, please contact Bonnie Teder at (949) 715-2665 or Janet Waters (714) 887-9812.

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