Freedom Eroding Away




Obama ruling America by mandate must be catching.


Now we even have some states and cities starting to rule by mandate.  A current example is that some coastal cities are mandating that stores cannot put customers’ purchases in plastic bags. It seems too many politicians are caught up in becoming rulers in our nanny state.


This trend is eroding and destroying our freedoms, a step at a time.  They are destroying our freedoms using the “how to boil a frog” system.  That is, bring the water to a boil slowly and by the time the frog realizes he is being cooked, it will be too late to jump out.


Dave Connell,

Laguna Beach


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  1. Freedom, what about my freedom to take a walk on the beach and not have it ruined by trash including plastic bags? May be I should go for a hike in the hills to see the modern day foliage – plastic bags. I can’t wait for the day the state wide ban comes in.


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