Gerald Allen Cohen

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Gerald Allen Cohen
Gerald Allen Cohen

Gerald Allen Cohen, 83, passed away Oct. 1, 2014, at his home in Laguna Beach.

Cohen was born March 5, 1931, in St. Louis, Mo., to Benjamin and Leah Cohen.

He was a remarkable mathematician and a very talented engineer who contributed greatly to the U.S. space program and several other engineering projects.

His academic pursuits began in 1948 at Purdue University. A full scholarship brought him to the California Institute of Technology for post-graduate work and he returned to Purdue to receive his Ph.D in mechanical engineering by the age of 25. Interest in post-Ph.D math studies brought him to Brown University and later he was a professor of mathematics at Virginia Tech University.

After working for Ford Aeronutronics, Cohen started his own company, Structures Research Associates. There he developed the software program FASOR (Field Analysis of Shells of Revolution) which he contracted to NASA, Ball Corporation, and others. He was known by his colleagues as the best in his field and by his sons and their peers as a math and physics homework tutor.

Athletic and competitive, Cohen was an avid baseball fan, partial to the St. Louis Cardinals, as he made it past the team’s first cuts in his youth when the Cardinals were then known as the St. Louis Browns. The highlight of his every year was his Alaskan/Canadian fishing trip with his son, Gerald.

Cohen is survived by his wife, Eivor; four sons, Ben, Ron, Gerald and Steve; grandson, Jaden; brothers Ray and Stan; and many friends.

A private memorial service at sea was held Oct. 11, 2014, off the coast of San Pedro, Calif.


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