Girls Tennis (4-1, 1-0)

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Former Laguna Head Coach, Brian Ricker (2002 & 03) returned to town this past Tuesday with his resurging Costa Mesa Mustangs (6-3) taking on the Breakers at Alta Laguna Park. Laguna’s won 16-2 with Costa Mesa’s two wins coming against bench players. Breakers took 14 of 18 points in straight 6-0 game scores. The day before, Laguna warmed up for league play sweeping El Toro 18-0 with Ashley Shelton, Summer Clawson, Kelly Keller and Kathleen Kimball playing singles.

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  1. michelle jaeger

    thank you for reporting on lbhs girls tennis. just a note of etiquette regarding terminology…
    instead of the outdated vocabulary “bench players” i suggest using a milder term such as “back up player” or “reserve player”.
    thank you!

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