Giving Voice to the Treetops



For those of you that may not be aware, there’s an upcoming City Council meeting where the fate of many of the great eucalyptus trees that inhabit Laguna Beach’s famous Bluebird Canyon will be decided.  The vote notwithstanding, there’s already a move in place by some self-centered individuals to act quickly to remove them before the trees have a chance to fall or burn or cause an accident.

Right now there exists a cavalier attitude expressed by many in city management that seems to be saying that contrary opinions don’t matter, different points of view don’t matter, and even other arborist’s reports don’t matter. In fact, not even history matters.  The city wants this ugly problem handled so that they can get back to talking about recycling and clean water and electric plug-in stations.  Perhaps if enough attention is paid to how “green” the city is trying to be, no one will hear the chain saws working their magic up in the hills far from the tourist’s eyes.

On Oct. 2, 2012, your opinion on this issue should be shared.  You will be glad that you spoke up, irrespective of how the council votes.  To sit quietly in your living room while a small number of your neighbors exercise their control over our beautiful and historic surroundings is unforgiveable.  Speak up. Make your opinions known.  These great trees cannot defend themselves.

Mace Morse, Laguna Beach

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