Go Fan Finds a New Venue

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4 write stuff freeman 0FBF361E-69C4-4A78-8878-E4683B5D056CPaul Freeman has written a novel, “Stop, Go, Murder,” set in the coastal environs of California and Florida.

The story involves a struggling ex-gangster who learns his former boss has been murdered. One of the plot twists involves Go, an ancient game of strategy that Freeman has played for 30 years, even competing in tournaments.

A strategy and project management consultant, the author is currently working on a 20-acre redevelopment project in Carson. In recent years, he has also traveled to Egypt for the U. S. Agency for International Development. A former Laguna Beach mayor, he now lives in Dana Point.

The title will be available for purchase on Amazon and in selected bookstores. Details of a local event with Laguna Beach Books are expected shortly.



City Offers Class for Poetry Lovers

Laguna Beach poet laureate Kate Buckley offers residents over 50 a free workshop on Poetry of Memoir Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The 5-7 p.m. class in writing poems drawing upon memories and personal experiences takes place at the Community & Susi Q Center. Bring paper and pen. Register at 949 464-6645.


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