God Trumps Mother Nature




I find it hard to sympathize with those that complained about Mission Hospital purchasing parcels abutting their current location. It’s about time that they had a wake-up call. Just because you are trying to save some weeds and space for a small group of hikers and bird watchers does not give you exclusive right to purchase private property. Even if you think you have Mother Nature trudging with you through the weeds. You have no entitlement.


Additionally, after learning that you were unsuccessful, you derided an institution that is highly valuable to our community. Accusing them of underhanded tactics. What they did was completely professional, and by the way, did not need your compliance or permission. What would your Mother say other than keep your nose out of other people’s business?


Anything Mission Hospital does to assure their long-term tenure in our community is a real win. Their actions are the neighborly thing to do. It wasn’t long ago that everyone was uptight about the prospects of losing a hospital in our community. Mission took over a marginally performing medical facility and is obviously intent upon rebuilding it to a higher degree of quality and service.


Mission Hospital’s quest to assure their long-term viability in our town with the purpose of doing God’s work of caring for those in need of medical help is inspired. Caring for the sick and injured certainly trumps any effort to render land with some scrub bushes unavailable for intelligent development just to favor a few elitist residents that have a very narrow view of how things should work. Their reactions reflect just how self-serving their aspirations are.


Taxpayers take note. The reactions to this purchase of real estate should tell you all you need to know about the ill conceived “open space” initiative. It is as bogus as the supporter’s intentions that are pushing for it. Their intentions are clear, take the buildable lots off the roster for future development. They could care less about the rest of the unbuildable weed patches that dot our community.


Signing their petition is the equivalent of opting out of controlling how taxes are spent and who makes the decisions to spend your money. If that undefined board is approved, even God won’t be able to win.


Dennis Myers, Laguna Beach



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