Good Will Surfaces in the Aftermath of Loss



I am writing to thank my new neighbors in Woods Cove who have responded with overwhelming kindness and concern to my pleas for help in finding my lost cat.

Much to our dismay, our very sweet little black kitty, “Daisy,” (possibly the most playful and curious animal we’ve ever had) went missing during the recent heat wave. We are heartbroken, of course, and in hopes of finding her, my daughter and I spent hours going door to door distributing flyers and talking to neighbors. We also posted “lost kitty” signs on telephone poles all over the area.

We are new to Woods Cove, but we have been overwhelmed by the compassion of so many neighbors that we didn’t yet know. From the day the signs and flyers went out, we began receiving calls of kitty sightings from concerned people wanting to help. Our nearest neighbors offered to leave out food to attract our cat, and others called just to see if we’d had any luck. Our knocks on doors were never considered an intrusion, and without exception, everyone promised to keep an eye out for her.

While there are possibly more pressing matters going on in our community than a lost cat, simple concern and compassion for each other and our animals is a very human issue, and truly connect us and bring us together. Though I prefer not to have lost my cat, and still hope to find her, this experience has brought me a genuine respect and appreciation for the wonderful people in Laguna, and particularly those in Woods Cove.

Lisa Padgalskas, Laguna Beach

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