Grant Is Tonic for Clinic’s Disadvantaged Women Program

The Laguna Beach Community Clinic recently received a grant from the Allergan Foundation to support their Urgent Care for Disadvantaged Women program. “We are so pleased that the Allergan Foundation recognizes the work we are doing to improve women’s health,” said clinic director Dr. Tom Bent.

“This program serves women who are uninsured or under-insured, and it is the only program doing so in the southern half of Orange County,” said Adriana Nieto-Sayegh, RN, the clinical director for the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, who added that 53 percent of the clinics patients are women, many of whom would have no medical care without the clinic.

In addition to urgent care, LBCC offers a full range of medical services, including pre-natal and post-partum care, diabetic care and dental services, and an HIV/AIDS program, that are in greater demand than ever due to unemployment and the weakened economy.

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