Gratz Letter Should Have Been Edited

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A letter from this week’s paper by Gene Gratz used the term redneck.

This is a disparaging term, and also had absolutely nothing to do with the subject.  It was used gratuitously and for no reason.

Why does you paper allow bigotry against European, white and Christian (Protestant and Catholics) people?

You would not allow any other term like this nor should you.

Do you need a group of rednecks in front of your building with signs to make a point?


Jim Foley, Laguna Beach

The author adds that he is originally from southwestern Pennsylvania.

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  1. Mr. Gratz must have assumed rednecks are incapable of reading. Unluckily for him a rare breed of redneck from southwestern Pennsylvania learned how to recognize text on paper, but unfortunately cannot comprehend the actual meaning of that text.


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