Green of a Different Sort Underlies Parcel Tax



Hang on property owners. The folks who stung you for the $20 million bond, which I believe we are still paying down, are about to stick it to you again (“Campaign Starts for Open Space Tax,” April 22). This time for “open space,” with a flat tax of $120 per parcel for the next ‘N’ years to purchase a nominal “550 acres … that could be developed.”

If it could be developed, why would anyone sell it for “open space?” Rather, open space advocacy translates into saving the behinds of those owning vertical lots, unbuildable plots and outright slide acreage.

Unfortunately, a petition and votes on issues of this nature are open to anyone breathing regularly and able to make an ‘x’ on the dotted line.

Bend over property owners, you’re about to receive an encore performance of share the wealth.

Been there, done that and the “green belt” we continue to pay for requires a fee to the County of Orange if you wish to visit it.

John Kountz, Laguna Beach

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