Grieving Over Purloined Art



Where’d she go? I can’t believe I didn’t notice she was missing. The wall looks so blank. Who would take her? They came into my fenced yard to steal her off the side of my house. Was it the same person who took my cat? Things have been disappearing for some time now. My beautiful mermaid, that’s what I think of her as, or an Ocean Goddess of some sort. She was beautiful! Ceramic turquoise face with sea green glass eyes and pouty lips. Her face was surrounded by fish, coral, seaweed, and shells all adhered to a wakeboard painted black with gold flakes.


Maybe someone will read this and recognize her when they see her. You can put her back if you find her. I don’t care who did it. I won’t tell. I just miss her and my empty wall looks naked. She was offered up for auction at the fundraiser for the school of Art and Design, I think. It was a wakeboard decorating auction held at Seven Degrees several years ago. She really completed the look to this classic Laguna Beach artist cottage that’s on the historic register.


It makes me sad when someone defaces property or rips one off in this case. The police thought it might be a visitor who just decided it would be easy to take. I believe in cosmic justice, and whoever took her will get their own reward.



Judy Shepard, Laguna Beach

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